How to get the best phone psychic readings for a cheap price.

Whether it’s the first time you’ve heard about phone psychic readings or whether you’ve already tried a reading or two, this guide was created especially for you. After trying many psychic networks, getting readings from many psychic gurus, and speaking with experienced people in the psychic industry I’ve come to the conclusion that many people don’t know how to get the best out of their psychic reading. If you wish to start each reading in the right way and finish it satisfied, you need to be prepared, and not just click on any “psychic advertisement” you see.

Most people that I’ve helped, told me that my guide and the psychic networks I often recommend- did wonders to them, and instead of getting a reading from a low quality psychics that barely helped them to solve their issue, they started getting much better readings from top quality psychics for a cheaper price! and with each session I can clearly see that their lives are getting better and happier. Join me if you wish to improve your psychic phone readings sessions, and you won’t be disappointed.

4 Ways to get the most out of your your psychic reading :

If you wish to enjoy great psychic readings and become happy with the results, instead of being disappointed every time about a psychic who didn’t help you, you must check out these tricks. You wouldn’t believe how amazing your readings would be, after you will know how to do them the right way.

1. Write for yourself what you wish to ask.
Being prepared is the best thing you can do! A psychic reading isn’t too long and you want to solve as many problems as you can in this time. This is why you need to sit down, decide what you wish to ask, write it and make a list of questions and things you wish to say. After you do that, when you start the phone reading, you will feel much more organized and prepared for the session.

2. Choose a psychic that has experience about your problem.
Choosing the right psychic for your situation is a must. You can do several psychic readings with casual readers. But, by receiving guidance from an experienced person, you are much more likely to receive an accurate reading that will have more chances to pinpoint your problem and solve it quicker than any other psychic reader would try to do. High quality psychics from top networks are the greatest things you can ask for.

3. Don’t overcomplicated your problem, make it short and simple.
When you first speak with your psychic, don’t overwhelm her/him with too many details and question, remember that she/he is a person too and needs to understand what you are saying. That is why I will suggest you to tell each question alone with it’s details, receive the answer about it and only then move on to a different question.

4. Avoid the free readings
Free readings are the worst thing you can ask for. Even if it isn’t so cheap – always choose to pay for your psychic reading. A free reading is usually given from a low quality psychic who is just starting her/his way that doesn’t have much experience, try to avoid these readers at any cost. (Note: I’m not speaking about “readings packages” like “free 3 minutes, then 0.99$ a min” these are OK, I’m speaking about completely free readings)

The psychic network that I recommend you to use: AskNow

AskNowToday I can clearly say that this network has changed my life. If there is one network I would recommend everybody to try at least once- that would be AskNow. The psychics are extremely talented and sensitive. They know how to treat people and take care of their problems in the most professional way. I can assure you that you will receive high quality readings from experienced, trusted and accurate psychics.

What I really like about AskNow is their really simple system of choosing a psychic. You can watch the psychic’s last reviews, her/his quality score and their price per minute. The variety of psychics is huge! You can choose from casual psychics, psychics that specialize in specific categories like love psychics, career psychics, etc… You can choose psychics by seeing which tools they are using and more.

The biggest reason that makes AskNow the Top Choice for me, would be their compassionate, friendly and knowledgeable psychics that helped me in so many problems that I’ve had about my love life and my career. Most people like AskNow because of their specialty about Love & Romance psychic readings. These psychics can help you if you are having issues with your partner, if you are afraid he is cheating on you and you would like to verify that, if you are pregnant or not and also – they can help you find your future soulmate.

Why I like AskNow so much?

  • First time customer discount: 15 minutes for $10 or just $1 per minute.
  • Top quality psychics, only 1 out of 200 is selected for AskNow.
  • Not satisfied? You get all your money back. 100% Guaranteed!
  • 24/7 Psychics, ready to help you whenever you need them.
  • World’s best Love & Relationship psychic readings.


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Still not sure? Check out these tips to get cheap psychic readings:

1. Use phone psychic readings instead of going to meet a psychic - Meeting a psychic in person might be really expensive and without much satisfaction. When you meet a psychic in his clinic, you don’t know how experienced she/he is, you don’t know if the psychic can be trusted and whether she/he is an accurate psychic. What I do suggest you – is to use a big psychic network, that has a variety of psychics that provide psychic phone readings, this way you can still speak with a psychic, but also be sure that she/he has experience and also that a phone reading is much cheaper than meeting them in person.

2. Always look for discounts and cheaper prices – Often, psychic networks will allow you to try their network for a cheaper price or even for free! Most networks wish to help their new visitors and help them find solution quickly, that is why the network will usually give a reading for a cheaper price, for example “15 minutes for 10$”, a cheap psychic reading that can help you solve the problem without emptying your wallet.

3. Choose cheaper psychics over expensive ones – if you can’t afford constant readings with psychic gurus, you don’t have to do it right now. You can be sure that 100% of the psychics in these networks are high quality, and you can compromise by using a cheaper psychic instead of using a costly one. You will be satisfied and happy because you barely wasted any money. Look for cheap psychics and choose the ones with the most reviews, that’s the way to go!

 What things a psychic could help you with?

A psychic can help you with a variety of problems, about your career ,love life, relationship with your family and friends, your future and more. I’ve gathered some ideas of things that you might want to ask psychics.

About Love and Relationship: “Will my husband come back?”, “Am I pregnant?”, “Is my boyfriend cheating on me?”, “Does he still love me?”, “Will I ever find a soulmate?” and more..

About Job and Career: “Will I get a raise soon?”, “Am I going to be fired?”, “Should I start this new business?”, “Why I don’t have success right now?” and more..

About other things: “Will my pet continue to live?”, “Should I buy this new car?”, “Why am I constantly angry about my life?”, “Why do I have less friends every year?” and more..

Last Words..

To sum up the guide, I would recommend all people to consult with a psychic at least once a week about their life problems and difficulties. Whether you wish to get an insight about your future or want help with some question you have, a psychic reading is the right thing for you. I’ve spoken with hundreds of people before and after they received guidance from a psychic, and all I can tell you is that they’ve changed in 180 degrees. From  depression and being in a constant stress, these people became focused, relaxed and ready to achieve their dreams. I didn’t believe how much a psychic reading could improve your life, but now I believe it. So join the ride and find solution to all your problems!

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